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brandi s. Butler, Lmsw, lcsw, ssw

Founder & CEO

(Michigan and California)

Do you feel alone? Are you isolating yourself or not feeling like yourself? Are you experiencing thoughts of depression or anxiety due to  everyday life stressors? Do you find it difficult to deal with relationships, employment, career direction, stress, emotions, and/or self-esteem? Or do you just need someone to listen and assist you along the journey?


My hope for my client is to feel they are in a safe, positive space with me. Throughout our journey I strive to maintain a non-judgmental, person centered therapeutic approach while utilizing EMDR, CBT, Mindfulness based therapy, and more . My goal is to support you along the way to better health and happiness while I join you on your journey to health, healing and happiness.

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Certified EMDR Therapist 
EMDR Consultant in training


Breanna Hernandez, ASW

Clinical Therapist (California Based)

We are each on our own path, and it is through our relationships and experiences with self, others, and the world around us that we begin to grow and heal. Life itself can hold us back from engaging in the growth and change we wish to see. Whatever difficulties you may be experiencing, whether it be generational trauma, issues with attachment, struggling with your spirituality, depression, or any other distressing experience, I will walk the path with you, as I believe healing is a journey in which you do not have to walk alone. 

I also offer special guidance to those seeking to incorporate their spirituality.


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Emadia Smith, AMFT

Clinical Therapist (California Based)

We are always growing, and life is constantly changing whether we are ready or not. I assist my clients in navigating major life events by helping them increase their awareness of what is happening around them and providing them with tools to manage life’s ups and downs. I specialize in working with individuals who experience anxiety, trauma, and depression and those dealing with major life events, including grief, relationship challenges, and transitioning into adulthood. Through mind-body-spirit work, I engage with my clients to help them find their purpose and heal their inner wounds.


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Katie Furtaw

Clinical Intern (Michigan Based)

Are you considering therapy? I am passionate about helping people feel their best and reach their
wellness goals. Currently, I am a student in the School of Social Work at the University of
Michigan, specializing in integrated health, mental health, and substance abuse. As a therapist
intern, my goal is to provide a holistic approach to client care by truly considering every aspect
of someone’s life that can assist them on their journey to healing. I am passionate about
integrating spirituality and its’ connection to the mind and body into my approach to therapy.
Whatever you may be experiencing, or if you just want a support system to guide you on your

healing journey, I would love to be of assistance to you.


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